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According to your requirements, we take care of all your products graphic (& labelling) design, including the creation of your logo and even designing your website if needed.

Anticipating the registration process is the key for any new products launches. Therefore, it should be considered in your marketing plan (1 to 3 months requested depending on your country). Once the registration process is finalized, production can start.


We can guide you and provide all the documentation you need for registering your products wherever you want to distribute them.

The mandatory labelling information will be integrated as per the regulatory requirements of your market and country.


Please review our catalogues for Standard Cosmetics products. All our formulas can be customized for you in order to get your Unique and Exclusive product designed. :

More Than A Private Label Cosmetics
Manufacturer - Your Partner

As leading Private Cosmetics label Manufacturer in MENA Region, we are offering a unique level of services to our customers. From product design to ready-to-market products, including all regulatory steps, our experts will guide you in each step of development and will make your project be a success.

Our core strength lies in the fact that we provide our customers END to END solutions starting with Product, Formulation & Packaging development, with state-of-the-art R&D unit & Production infrastructure, we also provide logistic & documentation support for exports to worldwide destinations.

More than a Private Label Cosmetics manufacturer, we deliver unique, ready-to-market products, based on your vision and your market requirements.

Our customers from all over the world trusted us already for their projects from prestige, professional to mass market brands